European Commision’s Recommendation in respect of RFID it applications

The European Commission has published a recommendation to use the IT applications supported by radio-frequency identification. The Commission was worried because of the data protection’s problems originated by this kind of identifying technology, whose use is more and more common. These problems may be increased if the necessary measures in order to control the way of the access of this technology’s users and developers are not adopted on time.

RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, which denominates the radio waves system which makes an object or person identifying possible (by means of a unique serial number). A common case of using this kind of technology is the identifying cards utilized to control the access and the employer’s entrance.

The Commission considers that the main problem consists on the existence of personal dates in the information which the device transmits, and these dates may be collected by thirds without data subject’s knowledge, because of being in the area where the dates are received by a device.

In order to avoid these consequences, the Commission has published these recommendations to make developers and manufacturers consider this danger and adapt the devises to active the identifying possibility. It is also expected that the user would be informed about the product’s characteristics and that he would have the possibility of using that function when he purchase the device, the recommendation’s aim is that the data subject could decide if he wants to transfer his dates, according to the European Directive of Data Protection.

Besides this recommendation, the Commission has published several common questions, to resolve the public’s doubts about this subject.

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