We provide comprehensive advisory services related to Privacy and Confidentiality of personal data.

We understand all cases of different business sectors, that allow us to present solutions, easy to implant with low impact to everyday activities and integrating legal remedies the best possible way.

Our know how on technology allow us to report directly with technical experts to propose and design ideal solutions to comply with all the regulations and facilitate their integration inside customer information system.

Processing of personal data by any objective standards and affecting all collectives: employees, suppliers, external partners, customers, users, etc.

We propose tailored solutions and corrective measures adapted to every case:

  • From the legal point of view: drafting informative clauses, contracts, protocols, …
  • From the technical point of view: security measures design, security documents drafting, …
  • We negotiate with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (hereinafter AEPD) in pursuit of necessary authorizations and customers defence against disciplinary files and administrative or judicial sanctions.


We analyse legal necessities and technical problems considering our customer reality, and implant solutions that allow our customer to advance in their benefit and do not impact in a negative way We combine legal security with I.T. solutions that allow business continuity.

We do have a great degree of success estimating claims in open sanctioning procedures, as well as penalties reduction imposed by AEPD and National Audience.

We negotiate with third parties involved in personal data treatment, to allow legal agreements in a fast and effectively way.
We facilitate legal and technical measures to be taken to the single necessity and not to general casuistry. 


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